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extending schema2xforms

Question asked by kukeltje on Aug 8, 2008

I've seen the schema2xforms code and it remotely resembles the code that originally was in Chiba. You've greated some interesting extensions within the alfresco namespace like labels etc. I'd like to take this code a little further and make the description/label pluggable and apply it to more things. It would be nice e.g. if
- the displayed text for selects/dropdowns/radiobuttons als could come from re resourcebundle like solution (plugable)
- tooltips could be read from a custom namespace in annotations or external files
- constraints could be declared according to schematron, embedded in the xsd or in a separate file
- it could be declared in the form that if one field is filled with data, a certain javascript function is called that, e.g. via ajax, retrieves remote data and fills other fields with that. (e.g. entering a zip code and getting the streetname, number etc)

Is any work going on in this area? Or are there other ideas?

Thanks in advance