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Open Search - Javascript exception when searching new server

Question asked by sergio on May 9, 2007
Latest reply on May 14, 2007 by sergio
Hi all.

My figthing with Open Search continues.

I have configured my Alfresco 2.0 in order to execute a distributed search against a list of different repositories. I edited the file web-api-config-custom.xml provided by the installation as web-api-config-custom.xml.sample in the following way:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="OpenSearch">
            <!–                                                     –>
            <!–  Example: Registration of remote Alfresco Server    –>
            <!–                                                     –>

            <!–  TODO: Find/Replace [host] with server host name    –>
            <!–  TODO: Find/Replace [port] with server port number  –>
            <engine label="NSI (nsiserverw2k) Alfresco Repository" proxy="remote">
               <url type="application/atom+xml">
               <url type="application/rss+xml">
            <!–                                                     –>
            <!–  Example: Registration of Alfresco's Open Talk Blog –>
            <!–                                                     –>

            <engine label="Alfresco Open Source Talk" proxy="opentalk">
               <url type="application/rss+xml">

The remote machine nsiserverw2k hosts a second Alfresco 2.0 installation.

When executing a search using the OpenSearch HTTP API provided with Alfresco, the results are good for the Alfresco Open Source Talk engine, bad for my second Alfresco repository.

The following javascript message is returned back: An error occurred: object needed

The search fails.

Any engineer from Alfresco can help me? OpenSearch capabilities are very good but documentation from Alfresco is still poor and not so clear.

Many thanks and many conpliments to the Alfresco team.