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CIFS: How to activate, how to use?

Question asked by andreaspiening on May 9, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2007 by jozef.sovcik

I installed the linux-x86-installer of "Alfresco 2.0 Cummunity Edition" to check if it is usefull for me. I can access my Alfresco-installation from the web at port 8080.

One of the most interesting features for me is the ability to access the Alfresco-content via CIFS. But I don't know how to get it to work or how I can use it, so here are my questions:

    I have a active SAMBA-Server running on the machine where Alfresco is installed, is this possible or is this a blocker to the CIFS-system of Alfresco?
    What do I need to activate the CIFS support, or is it active by default?
    I started Alfresco with /opt/Alfresco/, is there anything else to start?
    I use MacosX and Linux-Machines to access Alfresco, both are well known to support CIFS, so will it work?
Ah and I red the documentation hosted on, but the part about CIFS is really short and the only hint I found is for Windoze-Clients only :-(

Thank you for your hints!