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Content cross-references

Question asked by tscott on May 10, 2007
Latest reply on May 30, 2007 by tscott
I've seen several posts asking about vaguely similar functionality, but none quite to the same point.  Here's what I'm looking for…  a feature providing the ability for users, via the web client, to see an Alfresco generated unique identifier (document number) for each document, and be able to view and edit a cross-reference list containing related documents' unique identifiers.

Here's a practical example:  During the sale of a widget, we generate a price quote (unique ID: 5001), a sales contract (unique ID: 8023), a warranty registration (unique ID:8745), and a sales summary spreadsheet (unique ID: 95502).  Let's assume the user has selected the warranty registration.  Let's also assume that the price quote and the sales contract have previously been added to the cross-reference list.  When viewing the properties section of that document's details, they should see the ID number (in this case 8745) as one of its properties.  They should also see the list of related document IDs as another property… for example: "Related content: 5001, 8023".  The user should see "Edit cross-references" or something to that effect as one of the possible actions for that document.  If the user then views the sales contract's properties, they should see unique ID: 8023 as a property and Related content: 5001, 8745.

Is anything like this on the horizon for future versions or has anyone already produced something similar?  Cross-referencing is a critical requirement for the environment in which I'm wanting to use Alfresco.  I'm in no way a java developer so I have no hope of accomplishing this on my own. :(

Thanks for any response.