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How to observe changes in a space when you don't own it

Question asked by pvk on May 10, 2007
I would like any user  that is invited to a space (ei even a simple consumer) to be able to decide to receive an email when something is added to the content of that space.
- I understand that the owner of a space can decide to add a content rule that will send a email to the people listed by the owner, which is definitely not what I want to do.
- Another related track seems the possibility to send a email to the registred user of a space (doesn't seems to work in my tests).
- A last related possibility is to propose an RSS feed of the last added file to a space. The issue with that solution  is that you need to allow anybody (GUEST) to access  that space.

Any suggestion for letting one specific user that is expected to only have read access to a space to decide that he wants to now that something had changed within that space ? (except by directly asking to the owner of the space)