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User roles/privileges

Question asked by dentharg on May 11, 2007
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Since I'm new here I'd like to say hello to everybody and thank Alfresco team for such a great software!

I'm trying to understand the roles and privileges they give (in Alfresco Community 2.0.1).

Let me explain what I'm looking for.

In SpaceA/Documentation/ there are 3 spaces: Drafts, Pending Approval and Published.

Each user should have a possiblity to create new data in Drafts. An author of the document can edit his own documents but can only read files of other authors (I found that this is Contributor role).

On Drafts space I've created simple workflow Request Approval that moves the document to 'Pending Approval' (as in tutorial).

However the user who has Contributor role has no privileges to execute Request Approval action. If I add Editor role to such user he can edit all of the files.

Please advise.
Thank you very much!