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Downgrade to Alfresco 2.1 from Alfresco 2.9B

Question asked by vicky on Aug 11, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2008 by jbarmash

We're using Alfresco 2.9B after to apply an upgrade from Alfresco 2.1. It's working but some aspects had suffered changes or it was disabled. Because of these changes, we´re thinking to change our version 2.9B and downgrade to Alfresco 2.1, which gave us more facilities and it will permit us to development in better way our job.

Then, my questions are principally: if we will do an downgrade, can it affect to our data base in some way? and how we conduct this downgrade without affected our configuration?.

If someone will help me, I'm going to be grateful.