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CIFS Access

Question asked by draxor on May 15, 2007

I've got alfresco 2.0 installed here. but I can't acces it using the CIFS. When I try to map it using net use, it returns the next error:

There is no networkconnention because there is an identical name in the network. (Translated from dutch :P  ).
I sure there no other computer with the same name in my network, I can see the alfresco server when i browse through my entire network.

I've tried the following things from a client pc:

ping to alfrescoserver  SUCCES
ping to alfrescoserver_a SUCCES

nbtstat -A ip adress -> found alfresco server
nbtstat -a alfrescoserver name -> same result as above

and also changed the xml file to match the right broadcast domain

any ids?