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AVM and Webservice Client.

Question asked by pmullen on May 15, 2007
Latest reply on May 16, 2007 by kvc
I have had great success accessing content using the web service client.  I am now trying to leverage the power of xforms in order to provide a simple interface for content managers.  While starting down this path a couple of big questions have come up which I was hoping you all could help me with:

1.  Does the current production version of the Web service client provide access to the avm repository?
2.  What would be the unique identifier for a piece of content (much like a uuid) located in a web project?
3.  If it is not possible to access the content stored in a web project from an external web application, would it be possible for the content created by an xform to be copied to a location where an existing interface could be used to query and access it?