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[SOLVED] Can't connect to Alfresco 3.0a from MS Word 2003

Question asked by dgenard on Aug 14, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2008 by dgenard

I tried to connect to Alfresco Lab 3.0a from Office 2003, but I can't.
I followed instructions from Getting_Started_with_Alfresco_Share_Preview.pdf :
1. Start Microsoft Word.
2. From the File menu, choose Open.
3. In the File name field, type:
“http://[Alfresco instance]/alfresco”
Then MS Word opens the container.jsp page, displaying the alfresco dashboard. Funny, but not what I wanted…

I'd just like to connect to a Shared workspace, using native Office integration. My config : Office 2003 SP3 / Vista.

Does anyone have succeeded to manage this ?