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Workflow with task 'Add some metadata to document'

Question asked by coffman on May 16, 2007
Hello …
I am starting to use Alfresco as our invoice repository system, with each invoice i scan is needed to insert some metadata (at hand) and them send an email to someone to approve all, is this possible ? How can i do that ?

The system would be like that:
1.- The user scans a lot of invoices
2.- The scanner place the invoices on Invoices->Pending Data
3.- Une user use the web client to introduce some meta-data (customer,id,…)
4.- Another user approve the invoice

I think on starting a workflow when a document arrives at "Pending Data" that assign task1 to a user that must introduce some meta-data, when the user completes the meta-data the document must be approved by a second person (task2)
The second part would be to move all invoices from the last day to an "Archive" folder for the actual mont(for ex. 2007/may/) but i think this is doable.

Any pointing will be great.