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Extending Alfresco Person type using custom aspects?

Question asked by chrisb on May 17, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2007 by rivarola
I would like to extend the standard Alfresco Person type used for user accounts to store extra data attributes. The extra attributes stored would be determined by the business role of the user in the system.

I was thinking about approaching this by defining a custom aspect for each role. The aspect would contain the role specific data, and be applied to an alfresco user account.

When creating a new user in Alfresco, (which uses the built in Person type?), I would like to have the option to choose a role for the user and populate the role data as part of the user creation process.

I would like to add this behaviour in such a way that I avoid changing the built in Alfresco types. I suspect any customisation of built in types will cause issues with upgrades to the core Alfresco at a later stage.

I did find the following post which seems to suggest that I may have to modify some of the built in web client user creation JSP's and wizards:

Can anyone confirm whether this is the case?

Any advice / experience on doing this type of change would be greatly received.

Thanks for reading.