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Which Authentication Method

Question asked by invantix on May 17, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2007 by diable666
Looking at the WIKIs there are a lot of options for authentication (JAAS, LDAP, NTLM).  I am trying to figure out which would work best for us.

1. All clients are Windows XP.
2. All internal users are on the same AD domain.
3. I want to use CIFS for some drag and drop loading operations.
4. I would prefer to have new AD users to automatically have access to Alfresco without having to ccreate synch programs.
5. I would like AD domain administrators to have admin access to alfresco.
6. I would like to have a guest area for external users.

IT seems like I want to use NTLM. If this is the case, the NTLM WIKI talks about "client", and "pass through". Should I set up one or both of these?