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Alfresco & Oracle DB - probably JAVA error

Question asked by unknown-user on May 18, 2007
Latest reply on May 22, 2007 by unknown-user
Hello Alfresco users.

Actually I'm trying to implement an Alfresco Server (based on RedHat) in our existing network environment by an installation over PuTTy.

But there are errors in the log file, I can't really explain or solve. Maybe a more experienced user already knows those messages. It looks like some kind of JAVA dysfunction. If you need anymore information on the local systems, ask me please. Although there are a lot of log entries in the catalina.out - TOMCAT is already active and reachable. Alfresco is not.

2nd question would be, if I do need to use ImageMagick, or is it more like an extra gimmick? And if I don't need it, is it possible to suppress these error messages in the log?




I'll be grateful for any kind of help. Thanks in advance.