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Extensible permissions

Question asked by erwinv on May 18, 2007
We have been looking into adding customized permission groups to allow for specific access to custom actions on our custom-model content. We have been able to achieve the desired effect by editing the permissionDefinitions.xml file, adding a new permissionGroup and adding it to the default cm:content permissionSet.

However, this requires editing the permissionDefinitions.xml in Alfresco's WEB-INF directory. I realize we could override the permissionDefinitions.xml file by re-defining the permissionsModelDAO, but that would not be sustainable if multiple extensions do this, clobbering each other's permission definitions.

It would be most desirable to extend the permission definitions along the same lines as extending the content model and the general web client configuration. This would allow us to package the added permissions with the rest of the extension right in the extension jar. This does not seem possible at the moment, though.

- Is this correct?
- Will this change in the future?