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Question asked by jml75 on May 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2007 by rickie

In file /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/, I know I can change the default location where the file alfresco.log is created but I don't want to touch it.

Is there a way to make alfresco use the file /usr/share/tomcat5.5/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/ instead so next time I redeploy the alfresco war file, the changes made to it are not overwriten?

I tried both /usr/share/tomcat5.5/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/ and /usr/share/tomcat5.5/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/

But alfresco ignors them and uses /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/ instead and if I don't change the line log4j.appender.File.File=alfresco.log to log4j.appender.File.File=/var/log/tomcat5.5/alfresco.log, I get error access denied ( alfresco.log write).

Does anyone have an answer for this?