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Strange Data Synch Problems

Question asked by risenhoover on Aug 19, 2008
Hi all,

I'm experiencing a number of strange issues with the Alfresco Web Scripts development system.  Here's one of them:  The issue is that the metadata for my test asset is not in synch.

I am using Java and JUnit to serve as a test platform.  I have a unit test that sends a GET to a web script that simply looks up the node and returns a set of properties.  These properties are part of a custom class that I defined.  When I execute the script, I can see that the properties are set correctly with test data.

However, when I look at the same object via the web client, the custom properties are not the same – they're totally different.  If I change the "name" of the asset, I can see the name change via my unit test, but if I change any of the custom properties, the web client records the changes and displays them for me, but the Junit test doesn't!

Any thoughts?  I already re-built my Lucene indices.


P.S. I'm using Alfresco Enterprise 2.2.0