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FEATURE REQUEST: Domain Modeling support

Question asked by mabayona on Aug 19, 2008
Alfresco follows the pattern "everything is a node" and provides a complete functionality to handle nodes. However, when handling enterprise content, sometimes the node paradigm is too thick and better granularity is needed. Use cases for this are:

- To support for e.g. product catalogs with thousands of components where the mapping one-to-one with a node is too resource intensive and cannot easily being mapped in alfresco (e.g. node creation is a time consuming operation that cannot escalate easily for thousands of components)
- To support reporting generic functions (missing in alfresco) where the starting point would be a "enterprise domain model" (e.g. Product, Invoice, Customer, …)
- To support general data mapping functions needed for enterprise content management

Maybe a possible approach would be to extend actual model with a "virtual" component or attribute or annotation (additional to folder and content) that would not be mapped to a node but to an entity in a table (as per e.g. Groovy/Grails with Domain Mapping). This data mapping would be accessible using an API (e.g. Domain Model API or Metamodel API). This API could then being used for the developer to fine-tune the different entities stored in Alfresco and to store fine grained data in Alfresco and with a good response time.

A possible initial application of this extension could be to create the Domain Model for a Site in Alfresco 3.0 ;) but the uses for this extension are really of general use.