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Multilingual interface - am I missing something?

Question asked by jbfox on Aug 19, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2008 by jlukaszewicz
I am completely new to Alfresco, but have done intense reading, and fiddling!  Yet I cannot overcome a basic initial problem - I get only English offered as Login possibility, despite having done what I believe I'm supposed to do to change that.  But essential details:
1. I have loaded up Alfresco on my PC through BitNami Stacks - version 2.1 or near enough to it I guess. I found that installation painless. The idea is to trial it and get to know it well myself before presenting it as an option to an organisation operating in 125 nations. So I need multilingual interface etc etc.
2. The installation presents me with English (though I'm working in Italy). I have altered the web-client-config-custom.xml.sample name (eliminating the 'sample' bit) and I believe that at this point it should offer me a multilingual possibility for interface on next login, but it doesn't.
Question 1: do I need to find additional language files to add in - and if so where (at least Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese but as many as…)
Question 2: is there something just terribly simple that I am overlooking?