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Basic vs. Advanced Workflow question

Question asked by kpespisa on Aug 19, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2008 by jpfi
I'm researching a dev project that requires an email-enabled workflow around a document space.  I'm new to Alfresco, so my apologies if I'm using the wrong terminology.  My main question is whether I need to purchase an Enterprise license to obtain the workflow capabilities I'd need to build my project

What I'd like to do is have a space that receives documents via email and stores them.  An email will be auto-generated via the system as new documents are received, and that email will send a link to that document to a group of people.  A status of "For Review" will be stamped on the received document, and those folks can follow the link in their email, review the document, and change the status.  Finally, upon the status change, an email will be sent to the originator, notifying them that their document has been reviewed.

From what I've gathered using the free trial, I can't do this with the free version of Alfresco, and I'd need to purchase an enterprise version.  Can anyone confirm this, or set me straight on the capabilities of Alfresco?

Thanks in advance!