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Migration 2.0 to 2.1 community failed with no response

Question asked by jurevert on Aug 19, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2008 by jurevert

I actualy have a 2.0 community version with an alf_data directory size more than 7Go.

We've many problem to upgrade to 2.1 community version. (Tomcat 5.5.23; MySQL 5.0.45; LINUX)

After reading different post and alfresco wiki, i could not find the good way.

What we have done :
- Copy MySQL DB to a new DB
- Copy alf_data directory to a new location
- Clear alf_data\lucene-indexes directory
- Install ImageMagick and OpenOffice
- Set index.recovery.mode to FULL in
- Start the 2.1 alfresco version

Result :
- Everything seems to be ok but after FullIndex Recovery, the log server is :
18:12:52,921 DEBUG [node.index.FullIndexRecoveryComponent] Reindexing transaction: 71227
18:12:52,937 INFO  [node.index.FullIndexRecoveryComponent]    100 % complete.
18:13:04,078 INFO  [node.index.FullIndexRecoveryComponent] Index recovery completed.

But nothing append after that… Tomcat never end starting…

Could someone tell me the good way to do this ?

Thanks a lot,