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customModel.xml - how to read custom aspect data at run-time

Question asked by friedman30 on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on May 27, 2007 by friedman30
I have created a custom aspect (Thumbnail aspect) which gets a path as a parameter.

    <aspect name="custom:ThumbnailAspect">
       <title>Thumbnail Aspect</title>
            <association name="custom:Thumbnail">
the whole thing works fine, and i can add an aspect to spaces & contents.
the problem: I want to read the parameter that the user added (the thumbnail path) at runtime.
(I'm trying to show the thumb icon instead of the built-in icons)

At class - "getContent" method returns a List of "Node". i can see that the aspect I've added is a part of the "aspects" collection that "Node" contains, but still…. i can't find a way to get that thumbnailAspect's value….  :evil:

any ideas ? ? ?  :idea: