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SSO and WebService

Question asked by lfor on Aug 20, 2008

I have a question about the alfresco's authentication.

I would like use the WebService.
In the doc, I found that I must do first a call to the webservice to authenticate the user (this webservice must receive the user/pwd).
The response of this webservice is a ticket and I must use this ticket in the next webservice request.

But in my solution, I have a front-end server, this server authenticated the user and to communicate with alfresco it uses the webservice.
So I must send the user/pwd to my front-end to back-end => so i find this no secure and I have a synchronisation problem with my extern LDAP used by the front-end server and the users db of alfresco.

Can I write a module to alfresco that receive my SOAP message with credentials from my ldap and Alfresco used this information to create a ticket? so can I remove the SOAP message with the user/pwd to authenticate the user in Alfresco.  I would like than Alfresco trusts my front-end !