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Security header in WSDL

Question asked by ibarbaric on May 23, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2008 by netranger
I am a beginner in WS world and am trying to use Alfresco WS API from SAP  (ABAP) environment. I generated WS client proxy class by using Alfresco's WSDL files. I called START_SESSION and got correct response (username, ticket, session id).
However, when attempting to call administration service GET_USER method, I get:
SoapFaultCode:1  WSDoAllReceiver: Request does not contain required Security header
. How should I pass security header, since it is not defined by WSDL and therefore not part of method parameters in my proxy class? Should I do something with ticked and session id? Please explain  with examples.
Thanks in advance for all hints!
Igor Barbaric