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Office 2003-Plugin as Client not working

Question asked by mcdroemmel on Aug 22, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2008 by mikeh

i installed Alfresco server and accessing it with the web client works fine. now i installed the office 2003 plug in, but i've problems configure and using it.
The installer works fine and without erros. After that i start Excel, Powerpoint and Word.
First of all, it seems that the plugin is not installed in Word, because there is no alfresco button in the toolbar as it is in Powerpoint and Excel.
As mentioned in Excel und Powerpoint there is an alfresco-button in the toolbar. Clicking it for the first time, i supplied the URL for the Webclient (do i also have to supply values for web-dav and cf..?). I also entered my username and password for alfresco. But after saving the plugin seems to loop in the plugin. the popup is always refreshing and is not closing correctly or anything else. the only option is to close the popup with the 'x' in upper right. Clicking the alfresco button after that again, the popup window show directly the same behavior. It seems to loop inside because the screen inside the popup-window is always refreshing but nothing else happens.

I already tried deinstall, reinstall. No result.

I have Win XP SP2,
i used "" for installing the office-plug in and the alfreso-server is of "Alfresco-Labs-3a.r1032-Full-Setup.exe"

Any ideas?