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Perfomance questions: heavy CIFS use, max repo size, 64-bit

Question asked by ejholmgren on Aug 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2008 by brucely
I am in the process of spec'ing out a new system to run Alfresco on, and I'm looking for some input from the community. I've read through the wiki article,, but I still have a few questions.

1. "Concurrent users" refer to web users in the article, and our implementation will see heavy CIFS use as well (10-20 users at any given time). I've noticed during testing on one of our dev systems (PowerEdge 1550 2x1.4Mhz/2GB) that CPU usage spikes terribly anytime large file transfers occur over CIFS. I realize that machine is rather old, but will Alfresco be able to hold its own with a pair of quad core Opterons or the like?

2. Individual file size for our implementation ranges from a few KB all the way up to 2GB. Over time, the repository itself may grow to 10TB+. Is there a hard limit for the size of repository, or a limit at which performance degrades unacceptably?

3. Is there any benefit to running Alfresco in a 64-bit environment? I see that the 32-bit Sun JVM is only capable of claiming 2GB of memory. Has memory usage become a problem for anyone that necessitated going 64-bit?