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Getting the parentfolder for a contentReference

Question asked by stefan.0807 on May 24, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2007 by andy
Hi @all,

I've a question: is there any way to get the containing folder (not as a Sting but as a Reference) for a specific contentReference without using a QUERY_LANG_LUCENE - Search?

I think it can't be very difficult to get the reference to the folder by searching for a Path-String extracted from the contentReference. But I think there should be a better way to get such an important information.

Does anybody know a easy way to get these informations or is it (better will it be) a feature of the FileSystem-Service which is not available in the moment?

By the way: Does anyone have the same funny search-results I get? An example: I have content named "Stefans PDF.pdf" (yeah, my name is stefan too  :wink: ). If I search for 'stef' I get no results back, but if I serach for 'stefa' I get the content. Ok, perhaps the question needs a string with more than 4 letters.
But I have also saved a file "spider.sav" (yes, from the game spider solitär, I was really lazy  :roll: ). If I search for 'spider'….nothing. Only the full name 'spider.sav' results in a hit.
It's very strange, perhaps someone here can explain it to me, if there is a hidden reason for this. That's also the reason I don't trust the query's anymore.