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Is a common practice to assign a GUID for every content file

Question asked by glkev on Aug 26, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2008 by mrogers
In some other content management application, it's common to use GUID to identify each content instance in the entire system. So my question is whether this is common practice using Alfresco WCM.

Here's the use case for the GUID:

1.I have created many types of web form (e.g. article, press release, place, animal …) and I would like each type of web form has a hidden field and the wcm would generate a guid for that hidden field whenever the form is created and saved. Any existing web form content would have a guid and the guid can not be changed. Can this (GUID) be done through existing or custom widget?

2. Given the GUID, is there API to retrieve the content instance inside and/or outside the Alfresco context? I am reading that webscript relies on the search to do the trick, but what if search is disable?

3. With GUID, I can associate two/or more content instance together (possible using file selector widget, see my previous post), and that's why it's important to for me to retrieve the reference/referenced content through API.

Overall, can these be done? And is there better practice in Alfresco?