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Registered Tables and Alfresco Share 'Lists'

Question asked by alexr on Aug 27, 2008
Could you please tell me whether a feature like DM's registered tables are or will be implemented in future Alfresco releases.
Some businesses prefer to have tables containing the values for certain document properties stored in a central system/database that
is specifically tailored for mainting Lists/Tables for these purposes. In some cases however it is not an option (e.g. not available) and
business requests that those lists are maintained within Alfresco.
Since the average user and his/her management don't want to go and change constraints in an xml-file on the Alfresco server, the
most convenient way to implement this would be to be able to create a "registered table"  and have a standard Alfresco api and or
query-language to be able to create and maintain these lists through relatively simple Alfresco customizations.

Maybe this feature could be combined with another requested feature for Alfresco Share, namely the possibility to have MS Sharepoint
like "Lists" (possibility for users to create (Site)"Lists" through a Wizard in Alfresco Share).