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Forms or real content types?

Question asked by huima on Aug 27, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by pmonks

I've been really trying to get my head around different ways of creating and managing content in Alfresco - and as far as I can tell, the two ways to do anything at the moment is to create either new content models through xml-configuration or use the XForms facility to create xml documents based on schema.

Could someone elaborate on what are the major usecases for each and or the downsides to use forms compared to real content types?

As far as I can tell, this is how everything goes for conten models:
- Content models are little bit more complex to define, requires Alfresco-specific knowledge
+ all the features ( aspects etc. ) are available, search works also on property level
- requires configuration on the webclient etc.
+ linking to other objects through properties

And for forms:
+ easier to create
- modeling little bit limited, but based on xml schema - so common knowledge and skills
+ aspects work(?)
- search only to the xml document and common properties
- templates work only in wcm
- no validation mechanisms(?)
- linking to other other content items?

Therefore forms would be really good choise for records management etc. where programs produce numerous xml documents and/or users will instantiate workflows / edit these records in webclient.

In web content management scenarios forms are a good fit to create content - either small snippets / pieces of data that gets patched together to form a full page, or as a full content page that will be shown through a template.

At the moment I would have a very good usecase for this web scenario, but would not want to use all the features of WCM as it is still very much unknown product to me. Basicly I believe I would just need forms to create xml content and ability to easily preview content through template. In my usecase content editors would create content in webclient - and content would be served through webscripts to a frontend. Workflow would be managed in different folders, if even needed at all. I'm just thinking whether there are some things that I don't know yet that I should know before implementing a demo with forms.

Any thoughts?