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Linking content objects and transforming links in frontend

Question asked by huima on Aug 27, 2008
Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to link content together in Alfresco and how - for example in content to link to an image that is a content object in same or other space. But first a little background.

I'm planning on building a system, where Alfresco is used a backend for content editing and storage, and served through webscripts to frontend website that is php based MVC-application. In simple usecase alfresco would have a fodler structure representing sections in the site, and content would be fetched based on different rules. PHP-application would first fetch first a list of items in a folder and shows a listing of items, lets say latest news items or articles.

As user clicks a link on the list on the site, php script will fetch that content item through a webscript with the content item id. As content item is shown on the frontend, it's body is parsed to find links and image tags that link to items inside Alfresco and rewritten to represent a workable url in the frontend. Transformation could be made at webscript or in php frontend. This all could be very simple if I have a unique id for each content object. ( Isn't node id unique? ) In theory this sound simple.

But what about in the web client side, how would content editors work while they link content together and put images into content pages? And link content to each other - marking documents as related or something similar?

In normal mode editor in webclient opens a popup for user to input information about the image and url to the file - or similarly to put the link to a link tool. If user knows that he has in the same folder image named image.jpg - it would be reasonable to suggest that putting image file name to the link would work, just like while editing normal content in any other web cms. However with Alfresco webclient it is not the case - and user would need to have copied the 'View in browser'-link from properties page - and used that.

Are there any good practices and / or modifications to make this userexperience better, either to have a tool to select the file from the space or something similar? Or has someone made modifications to webclient that would transform links to proper links that work in Alfresco?

Any thoughts, examples or pointers would be appreciated whether my approach is reasonable and how could the user experience be improved.