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demo-website.war in wsf framework

Question asked by joonjasbir on May 30, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2007 by terry.tao
. My aim is to create a navigation item. I am following the steps given in the WCM website framework.
But i am struck after the bulk import of the demo-website.war.I am not able to preview this site.
Although if another war is imported, i can preview that site.

Can anybody explain what exactly these steps mean in WCM website framework.

4)  Create a site-configuration content item using web form, site-configuration, and name it as SC and put it under "/content/site-configuration". You can just create a dummy one with the name SC and then update it with the SC.xml under extra folder.

5) Create a navigation content item using web form, navigation, and name it as NavigationTree and put it under "/content/navigation". Again, you can just create a dummy one and update it with NavigationTree.xml under extra folder. If you want to use different name, you then need to adjust the navigation setting in SC.xml.

6)  Create web content, MOTD, POTD, News flash, Article etc. and put them under corresponding folders under "/content". To make news-flashes and articles available for channel pages, you need to edit your navigation content item and link them as content links (Check Feature option if you want them to be displayed as feature items). For MOTDs and POTDs, you can do the channel association when you edit them.