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Javascript and associations

Question asked by ale_carraro on May 30, 2007
Latest reply on May 31, 2007 by ale_carraro
Hi to all, I've been using Alfresco for a month and now I'm starting to extend it. I'm trying to create a new aspect and I'm using the JS api to test my model.

The model contains the following

      <aspect name="bw:sign">
         <title>Sign a document</title>
            <property name="bw:signDate">
            <association name="bw:signedBy">

I want that 0 or many people could sign a document. With the js api I was able to set the signDate attribute. However, I've no idea what kind of the syntax to use… I've tried with["bw:signedBy"] = person
but I'm nearly sure it is wrong as the signedBy property should be a List and not a Person.

Finally, another 2 little questions:
1) Where can I find the model of the Person?
2) Is there a place where people put his custom model? May be there could be already this kind of model

Thanks for your replay