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Strange behaviour of PermissionService?

Question asked by enrico_it on Aug 28, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2008 by enrico_it

I am using the PermissionService in my project.
I usually code-manage (I am talking about Java code) the permissions, and then use the native web frontend to check the changes.
I have noticed a strange behaviour when managing the WRITE_PROPERTIES permission on a FOLDER node.
These are the steps performed by my code on the node.
- disable "permission inheritance".
- set READ_PROPERTIES with ALLOWED=true for a certain user, let's say user "A"
- set WRITE_PROPERTIES with ALLOWED=true for user "A"

Now, if I login with the user "A", I can see the properties, but I cannot edit them
The only way I have to edit the node properties is to add an additional step to the flow:
- set WRITE_CONTENT with ALLOWED=true for user "A"

Now, maybe I have misunderstood the meaning of the permissions, but, I am pretty sure that a FOLDER node does not have the CONTENT property.
Is it a little bug, maybe in an evaluator, or have I understood nothing about permissions?
Thanks for the attention.