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Sun Application Server 9.0 and Alfresco

Question asked by novamxd on May 31, 2007
Latest reply on May 6, 2008 by kumarmenon
Hello Everyone,

I apologize now for any spelling mistakes as at the moment I don't see very clearly as I've been smashing my head into my keyboard from frustration.

But to the point, I have currently installed on a Windows XP SP2 system:

- JDK 6u1 with the runtime environment
- Sun's Application Server v9.0
- MySQL 5.0

And I've been trying for the past two days to deploy the Alfresco 2.0.0 community war file as a web application to this wonderful application server. However as you can imagine (why I'm here) it's not working.

I uploaded the three errors I got to my web server into an appropriately named folder (I think anyway). They are:

- err1.htm
- err2.htm
- err3.htm

If anyone could help me with these errors, I would be most appreciative. And between downloading to deploying the war file, I made no modifications. And yes, I tried Tomcat and JBoss, both I couldn't figure out either so I figured I'd try the more… user friendly? application server. For those who haven't played with it, it comes with an incredibly useful admin website something like Tomcat's except better.

And as I'm sure most can tell, I'm not very versed in Java application servers, servlets, etc, etc. I'm a PHP programmer, web designer, and have been sucked into the world of .NET.