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Versioning - Usability enhancements.

Question asked by smah on Aug 31, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2010 by savic.prvoslav
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to customise the following usability features into file and folder versioning, and workflow in Alfresco, and the best way of achieving it, or if there is any simpler way of achieving a similar functionality.

1) Is is possible to make the latest file/space version number appear next to the filename/space name in the normal browsing view? For example if the file is called H2643Sx.dwg, and the version number is 3, you would see
H2643Sx.dwg   version 3
This is useful to tell users that the file is versioned and so they don't need to worry that it will be overwritten, without them having to view the details.

2) Is it possible for a filename append mask like @rev???-dd-mm-yyyy to be set to files of a certain type within a space (or globally) to make Alfresco append the version and date to the filename stem when that type is versioned? For example if the filename was H2643Sx.dwg, the version number was 3 and the date the version 3 file was updated was 24 Aug 2008, you would see the file on the browser as H2643Sx@rev003-24-08-2008.dwg
and the name of the file downloaded would be H2643Sx@rev003-24-08-2008.dwg

3) In the case above, is it possible to have Alfresco check that the stem of any filename checked in or uploaded agrees with a the stem filename in the repository or the stem appended with a wild card before accepting the upload. An error message should be outputted in case of rejection.
eg. In the case above, the stem filename is H2643Sx, and if you set an upload wildcard of @rev*-dd-mm-yy+.dwg, Alfresco will allow the file in the repository to be updated by any of the following filenames:
H2643Sx.dwg, H2643Sx@rev002-04-07-2007.dwg, H2643Sx@rev-04-07-07.dwg,
2) and 3) above are to facilitate the handling of versioned files off Alfresco, for example during download to the user's desktop for editing by an external program and subsequent upload, issuing the files to third parties etc. The problem is that files without the version number embedded within the filename are easy to mix up once they leave Alfresco. This frequently leads to the wrong files being issued, the wrong files being uploaded as the next version etc. In addition not matching the mime type or the filename stem for uploads will frequently lead to the wrong file being uploaded - for example a file sent by a third party may  be edited by a user and saved using a different file stem as the company's document within the the same directory on the user's PC. It is very easy to update a file in the repository with the wrong file if the file stem is not checked. In addition, it is quite common to keep AutoCAD dwg files or MS Office doc files and the corresponding PDF files in the same directory on the users PC, and so it is quite easy to upload the PDF file instead of the application file by mistake, so matching with the repository mimetype is also important.

4) Is it possible for Alfresco to rename or append something to the filename stem as part of a workflow process involved in for example publishing the document for release. Eg. when the file H2643Sx@rev002-24-08-2008.dwg above is published, a workflow moves it to another folder, strips the filename down to the stem and uploads it as another versioned file in the published repository. eg:
H2643Sx@rev002-24-08-2008.dwg –> H2643Sx-issue001.dwg where the mask for the published space versioning is -issue???