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Migrating from tomcat bundle to alfresco.war on JBoss

Question asked by cintaroja on Sep 2, 2008
Hi, I am trying to migrate my alfresco from the Tomcat bundle (I've had it for 2 months working really good) to the alfresco.war deployed on JBoss.
I've follow the instructions I found on alfresco wiki and after that everything seems to work fine (the files have been migrated, the repos structure is perfect, the users are fine…) but "The system is in read-only mode" and I cannot upload or edit anything…The issue is with the license, I think, I've read about it two or three posts…
My question is, where can I get the license file or how can I put my system on "not read-only mode  :lol: "….as far as this is opensource I'm sure I can use it without paying, but now I'm unable to find the solution to this issue…any help pleasseee?

I'm running Alfresco 2.2 on JBoss 4.0.3 on Ubuntu 7.10.

If I'm mistaken the place to post, sorry…please move me.

Thanks in advance, Javi