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Clean Re-Install

Question asked by garg_art2002 on Sep 3, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2008 by mikeh
Hi Guys
                    Platform : Windows XP Sp2

I first installed mysql.
then I installed full version of Alfresco

Then like a stupid foll, I deleted alfresco wanting to install somewhere else but I am now back at the same machine….

And, I have nothing but troubles re-installing…

Is there a recipe for me TOTALLY un-install  MYSQL

Then totally uninstall Alfresco…..

Like it was before I started…..  And then

Re-do like nothing ever happened before.

The trouble is I dont want to re-image my desktop and I want to test if I can use this software as a home repository to keep track of all the stupid files we create and keep on laptop and have no version control et all….

Thanks for your help, because this software looks like smart enough for GE and British Petroleum but easy enough for idiots like me!!!!!

Anil Garg