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'Too many open files' error in action executer

Question asked by bopolissimus on Sep 4, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2008 by bopolissimus
Hello all,

I have an action executer (running on alfresco 2.9, java 1.5, tomcat 5.5, ubuntu hardy) which reads a CSV file and outputs many XML files (one per CSV record).

The input file is around 10,000 records altogether.  The action executer does not complete.  It always ends at a bit less than 2000 rows.  Our internal bug tracker has this note:

she thinks possibly it's a
(Too many open files)

sudo lsof -p <tomcat> | less shows the exception happens at @ 1234 file handles

the vast majority are lucene indexes eg;

jsvc    14658 tomcat55  941r   REG        8,6     2784 9890549

she thinks possibly it's a
has anyone seen this before?  is there a workaround or configuration fix?  e.g., perhaps something in  my colleague thinks it might be a lucene or alfresco leak of some sort.  Is that likely?  Is this a known bug?