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Externally launched fulltext ignores file names

Question asked by joel.patrick on Sep 4, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2008 by alexist
When we search for a term in the Alfresco client, the results reflect looking for the string in both the contents and the names of the files in Alfresco.  For different reasons we have created a full-text search form that is launched from a portal.  It launches a lucene search and shows the results in a separate window.

On problem is that the search does not report files that contain the string searched only in the filename!

Today we launch the search with the following line:


Based on advice and a successful search in the node browser, we replaced this with

space.childrenByLuceneSearch["TEXT:("+args['query']+") OR @cm:name:("+args['query']+")”]

There are no errors, but the results still miss the files with the query string in their name.  If we only use the term "@cm:name:("+args['query']+")", we see nothing even though this query seems to work in the node browser.

Does anyone have any suggestion for a better way to do this?