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CalDAV compatibility

Question asked by jcobb on Sep 4, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2014 by kevindiffily
Alfresco is already storing calendar data as ical files in a folder that's accessible via webdav.

Would it be a huge amount of work to add calDAV compatibility?

That way alfresco calendars could be subscribed to from the likes of thunderbird. Neat!

Extending that, could contact data stored as vcards be made available to groupdav clients? There's a groupdav thunderbird client, and there's work on an outlook MAPI client for groupdav too ( That way all my contacts and calendar could be stored in Alfresco, and accessed both within alfresco and from my desktop mail / calendar / contacts.

Eventually tasks from the workflow system could also be made available via calDAV, allowing jBPM tasks to show up in thunderbird / outlook.

And extending that, a Funambol extension would make all that available on mobile devices…

Any thoughts as to how feasible all that is?