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connection between database and alfresco

Question asked by seraphon on Jun 6, 2007

I have some problem of understanding.
In order to install and make alfresco work I ve installed mysql 4.1. I just wanted to make alfresco work so there is nothing in this database.
Before running alfresco for the first time I ve launched mysql server like its asked in most tutorials, and I ve executed the db_setup.bat and afterwards I ve got a weird window asking me for a password and thus I gave it the password of my mysql server….
So then I launch alfresco and it works.

I ve done the basic tutorial given with alfresco and now I m beginning to ask myself some question.
Sorry for the long introduction but here are my questions:
  -In what case is this database used or just simply useful?
  -Where does alfresco store all those contents,spaces, rules etc… Does it store it in the database?(Which I suspect it does) If so where and under what name?

Can someone please help me to understand? and please explain, keeping in mind that my knowledge in database management is quite low.
I ve done some sql coding and worked on BO but I was just using databases. So I know about nothing when it comes to installation of database and connection of database with softwares and the like.

Regards Seraphon