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lifecycle workflow

Question asked by ivansaracino on Jun 6, 2007
Hi all,

I successfully deployed the lifecycle workflow shipped with the alfresco-community edition copying the following files in the alfresco/extension directory and restarting jboss :

1. lifecycle_processdefinition.xml
3. lifecycleModel.xml
4. lifecycle-workflow-context.xml

After undeploying it with the workflow-console,  I tried to redeploy it using the eclipse - plugin in orther to understand the custom workflow creation process.

I followed those steps:

1. Creation of a Process Project
2. Copying of lifecycle_processdefinition.xml in src/main/jpdl folder
3. Renamed the file above in "processdefinition.xml" (in order to prevent a deploying error…)
4. Configured the JBoss jBPM preferences.

5. I'm able to deploy the workflow, but clearly the messages are not valorized in the web client. (and what about the lifecycleModel.xml? …)

Final question:

I need to understand what happens under the hood when directly deploying the workflow from eclipse.

Where should I put the lifecycleModel.xml and the and the lifecycle-workflow-context.xml  in order to correctly deploy the complete workflow as I did manually?
Looking at the lifecycle-workflow-context.xml, I think I need to change it
(I don't know how …)because I don't want to put manually the configuration files in the alfresco/extension directory as in the manual installation.

I tried to find some docs about, without success.

Thanks for the eventual help.
Ivan Saracino