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How to populate a Drop-Down at runtime ??

Question asked by friedman30 on Jun 6, 2007
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i read this thread (same problems), but lost my way in it…
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I have a custom type (lets say a "football team" type),  and one of it's properties is "players" (and i have a custom type of "players" for that).

since the "players" can be added to a space dynamically, and i want to add "players" to a newly added "football team", i need to show a drop-down with all the available "players" when editing the "football team" properties.

for that, i need to get all the "players" at run-time, set them in the drop-down, and show them as a "football team" property.  

:arrow: what should i change in the customModel.xml & web-client-config-custom.cml files?

:arrow: do i have to build a componentGenerator of my own, or there is a way to just modify one of the existing classes?

:arrow: does anyone have a working example for this feature?