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LDAP sync: extra undesired user accounts

Question asked by jos.snellings on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by jos.snellings
A typical synchronisation frequency would be once a day.
If during the day, in LDAP a new user account is defined, and the user logs herself in into Alfresco, it is observed that
the valid credentials are accepted by Alfresco. This proofs that Alfresco contacts LDAP in real time.

However, an account is created in the Alfresco system, with minimal data, and user name = name.
Moreover, a home space is created by default, whereas in ldap-synchronisation.xml companyHomeFolderProvider was selected.
This is not desired.

Last, the novice user is not automatically assigned to the proper group. This only occurs at synchronisation time.

Can something be done to circumvent the creation of that user record? Or to create the 'right' record?

A more event driven behaviour would certainly be ideal. Are there plans in this direction?