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[SOLVED]enable alfresco ftp server

Question asked by thomas91 on Sep 5, 2008

can somebody explain me how the alfresco works as ftpserver?
How does the user connect to the ftpserver?

Do I have to use the IP-address <IPAddress> of the server on which Alfresco is installed to connect to the alfresco ftpserver and an alfresco-username and password as user?
Do I have to configure the IP-Addresss of the server in the <bindto> <IPAddress></bindto> tag like this?
What does the <rootDirectory>/alfresco</rootDirectory>- tag mean?  Is /alfresco the space in the repository in which the files are  transfered using the ftpserver? If I want to transfer them to a subspace <subspacename> does I have to configure it <rootDirectory>/alfresco/<subspacename></rootDirectory> ?