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cifs: file locking problem

Question asked by spotlight2001 on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2008 by spotlight2001
The problem can be described as follow:

1) mount cifs drive, alfresco 2.9c
OR alfresco 2.9B
(2.9c has the refactored jlan code)

2) copy a text file named a.txt to cifs
3) edit the textfile with UltraEdit (this is important, because UE creates a BAK file on save; other programs might produce the same effect) and SAVE
4) there is an a.txt and an a.txt.bak file
5) now the PROBLEM: you can read and edit a.txt.bak but NOT a.txt itself !
6) after 60 seconds a.txt is readable , before it is not even readable

Is this a configuration problem or a problem with the CIFS code ?
Is there a solution for this problem ?

This does e.g. not occur with NOTEPAD as that program does not create a BAK file.

My suspicion is: the original a.txt is moved to a.txt.bak and somehoow the new a.txt iis affected by the described problem.

This does not occur on your local hard drive and not on usual network shares!