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Synchronising Alfresco 1.4 with an LDAP

Question asked by petermay on Jun 7, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2007 by andy
Hello all.

I’m running Alfresco 1.4 and I’m using Active Directory to authenticate users. I have successfully configured Alfresco 1.4 to authenticate against Active Directory. I’d now like to enable LDAP synchronisation so the user details in my Active Directory are replicated in my Alfresco instance.

I looked on the Wiki and the “LDAP Synchronization” section of the “Enterprise_Security_and_Authentication_Configuration” page said that:

"the schedule for extraction and synchronisation is defined in the “ldapPeopleTrigger” bean [in ldap-authentication-context.xml]."

The Wiki then states that "it is wired up to the scheduler in the “schedulerFactory” bean". However, the example xml shown in the Wiki for this bean doesn’t look like the xml in my scheduled-jobs-context.xml file. (I have the default scheduled-jobs-context.xml file created when Alfresco 1.4 is installed.)

I then noticed that in the Wiki, a note below the sample XML file says “Note: this will change at some point when the scheduler is injected into a trigger, as opposed to the reverse, as now.”

I’m guessing that this is why the xml in my scheduled-jobs-context.xml file doesn’t look like the xml quoted in the Wiki. Is this correct? If so, what xml should I have in the aforementioned beans to make synchronisation run?

One follow-up question: who can I tell when the sychronisation is running? Are temporary files created that I can look in to verify the contents? If not, where in the database is this information recorded?

Thank you all very much for taking the time to help with this.