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Unable to connect through CIFS to Alfresco running on Window

Question asked by vinay on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2008 by vinay
Hi All,
I am trying to enable the CIFS in alfresco so that i can share the repository but unable to do it.
My project is at C:\Alfresco_Demo\alfresco-enterprise-tomcat-2.2.0 location, every thing is working fine except CIFS
What i did to enable the CIFS are as follows -
1) Copy the Win32NetBIOS dll file in Window\System32 and restart the server
2) Opened the Window Explorer and went to Tool -> Map Network Drive and i have chosen unused drive name (Z:) and putted
"\\My_Machine_Name\Alfreso\Users\Users Home Space" in the Folder text box and when clicked on the finish button i got login
prompt for my machine when i used the User name and password it didn't connect always failed to connect with the provided
URL (\\My_Machine_Name\Alfreso\Users\Users Home Space).

Some where in this forum i have read about CISF there was written that need to edit the file-server-custom.xml file but i didn't understand
what i should to add in this file there was written configuration for LINUX machine + UBANTU. There was written that need to add the
<Host Name=[…] Domain=[…]> but i didn't understand where i should to add this tag in the file-server-custom.xml file so please
if there is any solution please help me out.. Thanks in advance… thanks a lot….

Note :- I am using Window XP operating system and tomcat server for alfresco
Please help me out

Thnaks & Regards
Vinay Vishal