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Google Search, Documentum and Alfresco Repositories - Help!

Question asked by farhadkhalafi on Jun 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2007 by rwhiteside
These are questions that we were asked from a potential Alfresco customer:

Is it possible to direct Google Desktop to index documents within Alfresco repositories? Some managers are used to Google Search and don't want to change. I tried to sell OpenSearch as an alternative, but still have to get back to them.

Some agencies within the organization (government) have Documentum. In this particular case we are up against Documentum. The IT director seems to like open source and there is a good chance to start them off with Alfresco. Another question I was asked was whether there is a way to search both Documentum and Alfresco in a federated way. I am not sure whether Document supports OpenSearch. One idea was to custom develop a search interface that connects to all repositories using Web Services. Does anyone have better ideas?